Local Lenders



Here are just a few helpful lender recommendations. Use someone you connect with and who knows the local market.


In an effort to protect your privacy, before submitting any loan application please complete this OPT-OUT form so your saved personal information can not be shared.  Lenders can not control this – Experian, Equifax & TransUnion own some of your information and a mortgage inquiry may prompt them to sell your info.



Shane Cook – Guaranteed Rate – Online Application Page  

His website and app are great for quick payment calculations and estimating what buying will cost.  Great investor products.


Kaye Jones – Towne Bank – Online Application Page 

True Local Resource for all types of loans


Tate Felts – Southern Trust – Online Application Page

Great programs & credit rescore team to optimize your rate


Drew Wright – First National Bank – Online Application Page

ONE close New Construction and competitive rates, local appraisers